December 10, 2019

Tour dates can be found on the Tour Schedule page.

Bruce was in the studio in March 2019 recording his next album, Crowing Ignites, which was released on September 20, 2019. Track listing here.

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Eleven all-new Instrumentals




John Floridis interviews Bruce on Montana Public Radio on November 11, 2019. Find it here.

Watch and listen to an interview and performances Bruce did at WFUV in New York City on July 18.

Interview with Dolce Magazine here.

Some fine playing and interview at the CBC Q Studio in Toronto on July 16, 2019.

John Aaron Cockburn will be accompanying Bruce on his 2019 Fall tour dates: September 20 - November 23.

Listen to Pibroch: The Wind In The Valley, from the CD, Crowing Ignites. "Pibroch,” nods to Cockburn's Scottish heritage; the title refers to classic Highland bagpipe music, as do his droning guitar patterns."It's music I find really hypnotic in a stirring kind of way," Cockburn says. "It gets in the blood. It's a very simple melodic motif, a four- or five-note swirl that repeats over the droning part of the bagpipe, and then add a grace note, one or two, over it. It’s quite busy sounding but it develops slowly. It's very meditative, nothing at all like the martial pipe and drum music we're more familiar with from Scotland."

Watch the video and hear the song, April in Memphis, from the album, Crowing Ignites.

Mike Raine, of Canadian Musician Magazine, interviewd Bruce in Toronto on July 16, 2019. Listen to it here. Or WATCH IT here.

Bruce did a livestream performance/ interview from New York City with Paste Magazine on July 17. Go here. He also did a live performance with Relix. The actual performance starts at 5:08 into the video.  Go here

Bruce was interviewed by Vish Khanna on May 10, 2019. Listen here.

Listen to an interview on the CBC program, Day 6. The date of the interview was June 12, 2019.

On October 24, 2018, Bruce appeared on the PBS program, Songs at the Center. It was taped at the Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewwod, Ohio. He played three songs: Forty Years in the Wilderness, If I had a Rocket Launcher and The Gift. The program is 27 minutes long and includes interview segments.You can view the episode here.

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Photos of Bruce in the studio recording a new instrumental album in San Francisco in March 2019.

Bruce wins Solo Artist of the Year for Bone On Bone at the 2018 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Information on The Group of Seven Guitar Project, which includes an appearance by Bruce.

Listen to the 1977 Circles in the Stream Tour documentary.

Bruce Cockburn - a view from the Woodpile, contains 120 photos I took at soundchecks, performances and in the studio between 1994 and 2008. It is available at the Apple iBookstore, and in hardcopy at Blurb book publishers.

Bernie Finkelstein's autobiography was released on April 17, 2012.

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