Bone On Bone Photo Book Project

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In May 2020 I published a new photo book documenting the phases of the album, Bone On Bone. The book is broken into three sections: the recording sessions, the photo shoots in San Francisco and thirteen concerts from the tour in 2018 and 2019, in Canada and the U.S. The tour photos were shot during soundchecks and performances, both with the band and solo. The photo shoots in San Francisco took place in three different locations.

This project spanned two years and almost 10,000 photos. It was the first opportunity I had to be present at recording sessions, to do an official photo shoot and then attend shows on the tour, all for the same album. I am not sure these stars will line up again.

Most of the photos in the book have not been previously published.


Book Details (There are two options for the cover and paper.)

Hardcover: image-wrapped cover with premium 100# lustre gloss paper
Softcover: image-wrapped cover with standard 80# semi-gloss paper

Pages are 8 x 10 inches (20 x 30cm)
116 pages

The book is available at, which is a print-on-demand publisher in San Francisco, California. You can preview and purchase the book here.

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