April 2, 2020

Tour dates can be found on the Tour Schedule page.

Bruce was in the studio in March 2019 recording the album, Crowing Ignites, which was released on September 20, 2019. Track listing here.

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I have added a new page to the website. It is in memory of my friend, Richard Hoare. Please have a look.

April 2, 2020: The spring tour dates have been affected by Covid-19. See the Tour Schedule page for more details.

The self-titled album, Bruce Cockburn, was released in April 1970. To celebrate this, Bruce is embarking on an anniversary tour. He said:

“In 1969, when I was feeling the need to record an album of the songs I’d been writing, I had no concept of what that might lead to. Not unusual for a young person, I guess. In some organic way it felt like it was time. The future wasn’t really an issue. It still isn’t. For each of us, there’s a future or there isn’t. But looking back over the arc of fifty years of recording, performing, and travel, not to mention relationships and personal challenges, I can only shake my head and mutter a word of thanks for all of it. Even if I’d been a planner by nature, I doubt I could have predicted how things have gone. And they’re still going!”

John Floridis interviews Bruce on Montana Public Radio on November 11, 2019. Find it here.

John Aaron Cockburn will be accompanying Bruce on his 2019 Fall tour dates: September 20 - November 23.

Listen to Pibroch: The Wind In The Valley, from the CD, Crowing Ignites. 

Watch the video and hear the song, April in Memphis, from the album, Crowing Ignites. 

Update to the Fox Watson page. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Photos of Bruce in the studio recording the album, Crowing Ignites, in San Francisco in March 2019.

Listen to the 1977 Circles in the Stream Tour documentary.

Bruce Cockburn - a view from the Woodpile, contains 120 photos I took at soundchecks, performances and in the studio between 1994 and 2008. It is available at the Apple iBookstore, and in hardcopy at Blurb book publishers.

Bernie Finkelstein's autobiography was released on April 17, 2012.

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