2018 Anchorage, AK 


The Discovery Theatre
Anchorage, AK
December 2, 2018

A note from DK

I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska, on November 29, 2018. At 8:29 in the morning on November 30, a 7.1 earthquake rocked Anchorage and the surrounding communities. Adding to this was a Tsunami warning. Much chaos. The two main highways that lead out of town were initially closed because of earthquake damage, including the Glenn Highway which led to Palmer, Alaska. For some hours there were questions as to whether the shows in Anchorage and Palmer could go on. In the end a long detour route was established to allow traffic to get to Palmer, but the going would be slow on a traffic-packed, two-lane, rural, snow-covered road. I arrived in Palmer ahead of Bruce and Jon and  met them at the venue when they arrived. Between a delayed flight, a cancelled flight and the very trying drive from the Anchorage airport to Palmer, it had been a long journey for the two of them. All this did not stop Bruce from performing a fine show to a sold out venue and an appreciative audience. Buildings in downtown Anchorage, where the performance hall was located for that show also had varying degrees of problems after the earthquake. It went down to the wire, but the venue was ready for the show as scheduled and so was Bruce. It was another fine evening and a grateful crowd. A memorable adventure for all.

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