Shakin' All Over-
Canadian Pop Music in the 1960s

This 2005 program first aired on the CBC and was released on DVD on December 11, 2007. It runs 90 minutes and has an eight minute bonus interview with Bruce Cockburn.

‘Shakin All Over’ tells the story of Canadian music during the halcyon days of the 1960’s – before Cancon, Junos and Muchmusic – when so much timeless music was created despite indifferent radio and a nascent record industry. From Halifax to Vancouver, folksingers, suit groups, garage rockers, R&B revues and psychedelic bands struggled to get their music heard, in coffeehouses, community centres, high school dances and hockey arenas. Some were forced to seek fame south of the border, while others stayed at home and built careers against often daunting odds. 

From “Four Strong Winds” to “Oh What A Feeling,” ‘Shakin’ All Over’ relies heavily on classic songs, mixing rare archival footage with candid interview material, to document the auspicious birth of the Canadian Sound. 

A portion of the proceeds will support Musican - the music education charity of CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences)

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